Sustainable hygiene seal for beverage cans.

This innovation combines many of the previously unachievable advantages of a hygiene seal for plastic and metal cans – inexpensively and environmentally friendly.

  • Seal is made of a highly resistant PE-material mix covering the entire drinking area of a can.
  • Seal guarantees a hygienic drinking area including the surface where lip contact is made.
  • Low environmental impact.
  • Once removed the seal should be attached to the punt underneath can, therefore helping to avoid litter.
  • 30% less waste than conventional shrink films which saves money and protects the environment.
  • About 15% less material and energy is used when producing the seals in comparison with shrink film.

The seal protects the otherwise exposed drinking and lip contact surfaces from dirt, germs, bacterial contamination and unauthorized use.

Product information, operating instructions, advertisements or other information can be printed on the seal, which is optionally either transparent, translucent or opaque.